If there’s one thing that’s not going anytime soon or may never be may be a Scam. Scammers are constantly finding new and more sophisticated, convincing, and seemingly genuine reasons to steal your money right under your nose.

If you're told to put up $100 and bring in two additional recruits who would each contribute the same amount of money. during a little more than three weeks, you'd get $2,000 reciprocally .

What is Cash App Circle Scheme?

Circle scheme may be a form of investment in which each of the paying participants recruits two further participants and returns rewarded to early participants from the cash app query money contributed by the later ones.

How does Cash App Circle Scheme Work?

Basically, the Pyramid/ Circle Scammer will ask you to pay a specific amount of money (for instance $100) to have your name written into the outer circle. The name within the middle is required to ‘cash out’ when all the spaces are filled to out your money. The inner then circle moves up one to exchange the centre, the outer circle moves in to fill the clique and people pay to join the outer circle.

When you are in the Centre, it cashes out with the cash (not completely sure how much, but all the money) then once it is to cash out, the subsequent name moves up, outer circle names enter the inner and then people pay again in order to join the Outer Circle.

Essentially just like the pyramid of all the pyramid schemes- the circle chart even is similar to a pyramid in a bird’s-eye view.

Pyramid schemes in their multi-level marketing schemes, as an example – Monat and Younique are completely legal and based on the product being there and sold with a certain percentage of the find someone on Cash App? made by selling product vs commissions by recruiting others (say $50 to join a team) of course legally.

The majority of the money is made by the ‘upline’ and the inner circle also would get a percentage of the sales made of the outer circle, and therefore the center circle similarly also gets money from the other two as a commission.

The game cuts out the product and you only make money when other people invest and so on and so forth the cycle continues. So, essentially If someone pays then the pyramid moves and gets paid, however, if nobody else joins after you’ve paid and even moved up, you don’t get paid any money and you’ve lost your initial primary investment.

Cash App Circle and Wheel Game

If you've got a hard time understanding the above MLM scheme, let me inform you another example to explains the process of earning a profit with the Get Cash App Routing Number?Circle/ Wheel Pyramid Scheme.

Let’s say there are 9 participants within the “wheel” with one person in the middle and the others in the outer circle. Everyone chips in $200 and therefore the total amount goes to the inner figure.

So, you basically invest $200 and obtain $1600 from your 8 other fellow outer wheelers. Hence, your net income is $1400.

In the next step, the wheel splits up and another person gets to the decline a cash app payment request? center circle and the cycle continues and everyone gets $1600.

When you get your $1600 – you’re out of the circle, but you'll pay another $200 again in order to re-enter the circle.

From the surface , the principles and conditions make the deal sound like a 100% win-win situation like a lending scheme with infinite earning opportunities.

As much as it sounds like an easy scheme, there are many pitfalls within the game and the circle scenario.

First of all, let’s say there are three wheels before one gets to the center , there are a minimum of 24 people to join this business to qualify for the prize.

Secondly, it’s quite strange that you simply are always the third in line to the middle and considering there are around 8 people in the outer circle alongside you.

Thirdly, there's always the possibility that the circle of money will stop without finding the 8 people to make the next circle or round meaning those unlucky persons will not get any cash.

There is also a huge chance that the participants on the wheel may be a fake bots or even actual people that are trying to scam gullible people to invest their send money from google pay to cash app in this strange Wheel of Cash business scheme.

Cash App Flip Scheme

Apart from the Cash App Pyramid Scheme, scammers also are targetting vulnerable Cash users and claiming that they can modify the transactions through payment applications like Cash App to double their money.

They reciprocally ask for the recipient to share the initial service fee with them for providing them this so-called double money service.

Once you pay them, they disappear together with your money.

Do we recommend MLM Scheme?

There are many legit MLM companies like – Amway, Herbalife, Avon Products, Vorwerk, and lots of more.

However, there also are many fake MLM scams that target people in vulnerable financial situations – you may be lucky if it works as it’s likely to fizzle out quickly.

Recruiters often will attempt to convince people with the typical “we’re not a pyramid scheme” copypasta cult post they all make at some point.

Don’t get me wrong, there are literally genuine Pyramid MLM companies, but there also are many schemes that have caused financial distress from joining as they usually money from PayPal to cash app? and end up in a bad situation. they struggle to get you into the “advanced in levels” and some even buy stock to meet the requirements to advance.


In order to protect your money, we recommend to not chat with anyone on the phone claiming to be with Cash App and that they can double your money or join their scheme and you will get paid x amount of money in 2 weeks’ time.

Remember that Cash App doesn’t have live phone customer support, so why would an individual connected with Cash App contact you in the first place. With more people trying to find a little extra bit of money during the COVID-19 pandemic, sadly, more scams are shooting up targetting vulnerable individuals.

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