On-Page SEO audit: How to perform in less time?

People who are performing on-page SEO site audit for the first time may face some difficulties as it is hard to determine from where to begin and finish. The main motive behind performing an on-page audit is to find out the errors that are affecting your website from the SEO perspective. An SEO audit is a critical step and if done properly it can surely enhance both performance and ranking of your website. It is something you should on regular basis to make sure the website is running without any error. In case if you are not familiar with the SEO then it is better to let the experts handle the situation rather than taking it in your own hand and worsening the situation.

In the following blog post, you are going to learn how to perform an effective On-Page SEO audit in less time. You will find the quick steps you can use to look at your web pages through both search engines and visitor’s point of view and how to utilize free tools to do it.
Steps of On-Page SEO Site Audit
Before jumping on the audit I suggest you take at least three to four pages of your website because if you take only one page then you might miss errors occurring on the other web pages. Select those pages you think are more important for your business like the product page, category page or blog page.

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Tools that are required for the audit
Before you start worrying about the price. Let me inform you that all of the below tools are free:
1. On-page SEO audit
2. Google search console
3. Web Developer toolbar
After downloading the above tools you can start with the audit. So let’s begin:

Step 1: Checking the SERP in details
The first thing you need to determine if your domain is properly indexed on the Google. To enhance the image of the website you need to find out whether it is ranking or not. It also matters that what kind of result you want from your website. Do you want a high rate of CTR or Conversion? You can easily evaluate the appearance of your website through the heading, Meta description, title tags and URL. You can click on the hyperlink to find out whether it is directing to the right link or not? If your website is large in terms of pages then put site: yourdomain.com to find out how many pages of your website are indexed.

Step 2: Detecting a penalty from Google
Your site will never rank on the first page if it has been penalized by the Google. Now you may say that if it has been hit by the Google then you have probably suspected it by now but sometimes it can slip off as there are no major changes in the ranking or traffic. So, your next task is to make yourself completely fine with Google. You can use the above tools to do it.

Step 3: Search for the hidden text
Both search engines and visitors see view the content of your website due to the implemented JavaScript and CSS language but the good news is you can look at your pages through the eyes of Googlebot, amazing isn’t? This way you can see the text hidden by JS.

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